Register Your Collectible


I am giving a collectible to another person or business.


I am receiving a collectible from another person or business.


Exchange Collectibles

We are giving you, the collector, an opportunity to register any of the Exchange Collectibles exclusive collectibles that we sell.

Our census will be a tool to help establish a registration history for the collectible. You will also be able to transfer registration of your collectible to a new party if you ever trade or sell your collectible.

Our census will also keep a lineage record of all the previous registration holders of each collectible. You will be able to see where your collectible has been and traveled to in the past.

Other potential uses could be to help someone to buy a collectible by having Exchange Collectibles send an email on their behalf to all of the current registration holders to see if they would be interested in selling their collectible.

This program is in the proof of concept stage, and we would like to expand this concept to all collectibles in the future if the community responds positively to the registration and transfer process.

Exchange Collectibles

How to Register Your Collectible

If you purchase from our website, then you are automatically registered as the registration holder. If you are purchasing on the secondary market, then the previous registration holder will need to start the transfer process, and as the new registration holder, you will complete the process. See 'How to Transfer Registration' for more details.

How to Transfer Registration of Your Collectible

Transferring registration is a two-part process.

First, the current registration holder needs to fill out the Transferor Form stating that they are transferring registration of the collectible. Within the Form, the collectible will need to be identified (serial number, certificate number, etc) and the new registration holder's information will need to be filled out as completely as possible.

Feel free to use the notes section to put additional information if the collectibles are sold in some way in which you don’t have all of the 2nd parties information.

Once the physical transaction takes place, then the new registration holder will fill out the Transferee Form stating that they have the collectible in their possession. The two forms must match. Then, the transfer of registration will be complete.

Exchange Collectibles will never share your information. Registration is not legal ownership.

Census and Lineage

Our census will display publicly the following information: A generic picture of the collectible, the serial number of the collectible, serial number of the security sticker if applicable, and the lineage of ownership. Owners first name and last initial (John Doe would be displayed John D.) City and state or international equivalent will be displayed.