Floppy Cop #1 CGC 9.8 B&W Sickness Award

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Floppy Cop #1 CGC 9.8 B&W Sickness Award

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Floppy Cop #1 CGC 9.8 B&W Sickness Award Edition

2019 Economicsincomics  Sickness of the Year Award Edition. ASM 300 Homage 

Limited Edition only 69 copies will be printed. Features art by Dan Dougherty. Back cover has the original Concept sketch 

Each book will be sealed with a numbered hologram security sticker in a CGC Mylar with an individually numbered certificate.

Please allow approximately 10 weeks for CGC 9.8’s. With all of the shutdowns CGC is running slightly behind and could possibly be forced to temporarily shutdown. We do not fast track our submissions in order to save you money. Honestly fast track on Prescreened 9.8’s doesn’t save much time. Please be patient and feel free to message us for updates.

49 books will be raw, and 20 books will be CGC 9.8’s. The 1st 20 Certificates will be CGC 9.8’s.

(W) Dan Dougherty

(A) Seth Damoose

(CA) Dan Dougherty

Join in on the absurd adventures of a cop who is bending over backwards for justice, mostly because he has no spine in his body! But as Floppy Cop always says, "you don't need to have a spine to have guts!" Together with a colorful cast of funny characters, Floppy has to solve the puzzles of a new criminal Crossword or Christmas might be ruined in the town of White Trickle Falls!