Radiant Red #1 Sheldon Bueckert CGC 9.8

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Radiant Red #1 Sheldon Bueckert CGC 9.8

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Radiant Red #1 Sheldon Bueckert CGC 9.8

limited to 500 Copies 

Please allow up to 9 months for CGC 9.8’s. CGC is running massively behind. We do not fast track our submissions in order to save you money. Honestly fast track on Prescreened 9.8’s doesn’t save much time. Please be patient and feel free to email us at ExchangeCollectables@gmail.com for updates.

(W) Cherish Chen

(A) David Lafuente, Miquel Muerto

(CA Cover A) David Lafuente, Miquel Muerto

(CA Cover B) Tom Whalen

(CA Exclusive) Sheldon Bueckert


Image Comics Release 03/02/22


Fan-favourite creative team CHERISH CHEN, DAVID LAFUENTE & MIQUEL MUERTO return for a FIVE-ISSUE MINISERIES telling the next unmissable story from the world of RADIANT BLACK!


To her students, Satomi Sone is a diligent middle school teacher. To her fiancé and parents, she's the rock of their family. To the world, she's RADIANT RED, a criminal-turned-matter-absorbing superhero. But with a mysterious stranger in her classroom, a nosy reporter on her doorstep, and $2.5 million hidden in the air vents of her house, she's going to have to decide who she is, and quickly - before the world chooses for her.