Rejected V2 The Unwilling Virgin Variant
Rejected V2 The Unwilling Virgin Variant

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Rejected V2 The Unwilling Virgin Variant

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Limited edition only 100 copies printed.
Featuring Shawn Langley’s original pencils and ink on the rear cover.


(W) Stan Konopka
(A) Shawn Langley
(CA) Shawn Langley

Abigail struggles to get through her every day life as a single woman in a small town. She can only imagine how difficult it will be now that she is pregnant and will soon be a single mother. Hopeless and alone, with nowhere to run or hide, she weeps... Though she wasn't truly alone at all. In the shadows, her cries are heard and answered, but not the way she had intended. As always, Mr. Teeth, with open arms and a toothy grin, is waiting in the shadows with his band of misfits, The Rejected.

Each book will be sealed with a numbered hologram security sticker in a Mylar with a clear backing board and a certificate.

Each comic is limited to 100 copies and will come with an individually numbered certificate of authenticity.

85 books will be raw, and 15 books will be CGC 9.8’s. The 1st 15 Certificates will be CGC 9.8’s

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Rejected V2 The Unwilling Virgin Variant