Samurai Grandpa 1-4 Standard Virgin

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Samurai Grandpa 1-4 Standard Virgin

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Samurai Grandpa 1-4 Virgin sets

Limited edition only 100 four book sets will be printed.

Featuring art by Shawn Daily with original pencils and inks on the rear cover

Each book will be sealed with a numbered hologram security sticker in a Mylar with a clear backing board and a certificate.

Each four book set is limited to 100 copies and will come with an individually numbered certificate of authenticity.

85 four book sets will be raw, and 15 four book sets will be CGC 9.8’s. The 1st 15 Certificates will be CGC 9.8’s


Samurai Grandpa #1

After retiring the blade, Ojichan returns home from the mountains to find his family visited by disaster, and his granddaughter kidnapped by one of his greatest foes from the past. Now Ojichan must set out one last time into a mysterious and magical world and face enemies new and old, in order to bring his granddaughter back.

In Shops: Jun 26, 2019


Samurai Grandpa #2

Ojichan's journey brings him to a quiet fishing village on the seemingly impassable Lake Hasai. There he meets an odd little girl and decides to cross the lake, despite the villagers' warnings. What dangers lurk in those dark waters? The adventure continues in this mysterious and action-packed second chapter!

In Shops: Jul 31, 2019


Samurai Grandpa #3

After an encounter with the chimera of the sea, Ojichan finds himself, along with the unexpected companion Astrid, at the gates of the Kingdom of Death. What secrets lie beyond those gates? Can he find the answer to who killed his son and kidnapped his granddaughter? Find out in this next exciting and action packed chapter!

In Shops: Aug 28, 2019


Samurai Grandpa #4

No preview available

Estimated In Shops: Sep 25, 2019


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