Shadowman 6 Momoko Virgin CGC 9.8

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Shadowman 6 Momoko Virgin CGC 9.8

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Shadowman 6 Momoko Virgin CGC 9.8

Virgin Limited to 300 Copies

Virgin will be sealed with a numbered hologram security sticker in a CGC Mylar with an individually numbered certificate.

Please allow up to 9 months for CGC 9.8’s. CGC is running massively behind. We do not fast track our submissions in order to save you money. Honestly fast track on Prescreened 9.8’s doesn’t save much time. Please be patient and feel free to email us at for updates.

Valiant Entertainment LLC Release 2/16/22

(W) Cullen Bunn
(A) Pedro Andreo
(CA) Peach Momoko
When the horrors from the Deadside spill into the world of the living, Shadowman is
going to need some back up...
...PUNK MAMBO returns!