Suicide Jockeys #1 Salgado Garner Trade

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Suicide Jockeys #1 Salgado Garner Trade

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Suicide Jockeys #1 Salgado Garner Trade

Collaboration cover by Jimbo Salgado on the pencils and inks and Les Garner with the digital paints.

Trade Dress limited to 250 Copies and comes in a standard bag and board.


Source Point Press 

(W) Rylend Grant

(A) Davi Leon Dias, Iwan Joko Triyono

(CA) Jimbo Salgado & Les Garner

Ten years after a catastrophic mission gone wrong, Denver Wallace, leader of the Suicide Jockeys - a poor, usually drunken, almost certainly mentally ill crew of monster-fighting, tank-and-aircraft-piloting suckers - must pick himself up off of the proverbial and literal floors, slap his estranged, desperately-fractured team back together and right what once went wrong. From screenwriter/Ringo award-winning comic creator Rylend Grant!