Venom 28 Giangiodano Virgin CGC 9.8

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Venom 28 Giangiodano Virgin CGC 9.8

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Venom 28 Giangiodano Virgin CGC 9.8

Valero Giangiodano Virgin LTD 1000

Please allow approximately 10 weeks for CGC 9.8’s. It’s convention season and CGC is running slightly behind. We do not fast track our submissions in order to save you money. Honestly fast track on Prescreened 9.8’s doesn’t save much time. Please be patient and feel free to message us for updates.

Marvel Comics Release 9/16/20

(W) Donny Cates

(A) Juan Gedeon

(CA) Geoff Shaw

(CA) Exclusive Valero Giangiodano


As if ONE new threat to Eddie Brock and his son, Dylan, wasn't bad enough, an entirely different foe rears its monstrous head as Eddie and Dylan try to find their way! But in this dangerous new world, Eddie's also enlisted the help of some new allies, some of whom have familiar faces - and who Eddie may never want to leave!