Zero Day Threat #1 Sun K. Virgin CGC 9.8
Zero Day Threat #1 Sun K. Virgin CGC 9.8

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Zero Day Threat #1 Sun K. Virgin CGC 9.8

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Zero Day Threat #1 Sun K. Virgin CGC 9.8

Limited Edition only 100 copies will be printed. Features art by Sun Khamunaki and includes her original pencils on the back cover.

Each book will be sealed with a numbered hologram security sticker in a CGC Mylar with an individually numbered certificate.

Please allow approximately 10 weeks for CGC 9.8’s. With all of the shutdowns CGC is running slightly behind and could possibly be forced to temporarily shutdown. We do not fast track our submissions in order to save you money. Honestly fast track on Prescreened 9.8’s doesn’t save much time. Please be patient and feel free to message us for updates.

70 books will be raw, and 30 books will be CGC 9.8’s. The 1st 30 Certificates will be CGC 9.8’s.

Publisher: RED 5 COMICS

(W) James Gilarte

(A) Tony Donley

(CA) Sun Khamunaki

Release 4/15/2020

The 21st century arms race is a digital one. Instead of stealth bombers, governments are developing stealth malware for political and economical gain. Neumann, a secret government agency co-founded by the FBI, CIA ,and NSA, protects the United States from these next generation threats. However things go astray when a woman with no past washes up on the shores of Geneva with secrets that could bring down the agency in order to protect the United States real assets: its citizens.

Zero Day Threat #1 Sun K. Virgin CGC 9.8